1. Burning Ravana’s world


  2. Reaching new shores


  3. Huddling in trenches


  4. Shiva Parvati


  5. Bharathanatyam pose


  6. Bharathanatyam -classical indian dance


  7. Feeling blue.. hugme..


  8. Finishing touches


  9. icecoldpalms said: I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. You are fantastic! Simply fantastic!

    HAHA.. and Im telling you, you are toooo sweet x


  10. For the love of gold


  11. “Now that we can’t gossip.. I guess we just sit here and look beautiful” Inspired by Artist Thota Vaikuntam


  12. My side table - Turned an old jug into a plant pot


  13. So glad to see a little bit of sunlight peeking through


  14. Too early for easter?


  15. Illustration of ancient Srilankan Frescoes paintings in Sigiriya