1. Reaching new shores


  2. Huddling in trenches


  3. Shiva Parvati


  4. Bharathanatyam pose


  5. Bharathanatyam -classical indian dance


  6. Feeling blue.. hugme..


  7. Finishing touches


  8. icecoldpalms said: I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. You are fantastic! Simply fantastic!

    HAHA.. and Im telling you, you are toooo sweet x


  9. For the love of gold


  10. “Now that we can’t gossip.. I guess we just sit here and look beautiful” Inspired by Artist Thota Vaikuntam


  11. My side table - Turned an old jug into a plant pot


  12. So glad to see a little bit of sunlight peeking through


  13. Too early for easter?


  14. Illustration of ancient Srilankan Frescoes paintings in Sigiriya


  15. "I’m sorry it wasn’t my fault, blame them". Too many voices in my head